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Recent Podcast
A Quick Look at a Black Hole Outburst Caught on Video
A Quick Look at a Black Hole Outburst Caught on Video
Astronomers have caught a black hole hurling hot material into space at close to the speed of light. (2020-05-29)
Podcasts: Quick Look

Short "bullet" format podcasts.

A Quick Look at the Biggest Explosion Ever Seen in the Universe (02-27-2020)
Astronomers have discovered the biggest explosion seen in the Universe in a galaxy cluster 390 million light years away.

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--  Ophiuchus Galaxy Cluster: Record-Breaking Explosion by Black Hole Spotted

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A Quick Look at a Cosmic Jekyll and Hyde (02-20-2020)
Astronomers have spotted a double star system is flip-flopping between two alter egos using NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory and other telescopes.

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--  A Cosmic Jekyll and Hyde

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A Quick Look at 3D Visualizations (01-29-2020)
These six visualizations represent work to explore rich datasets from powerful telescopes, like Chandra, by developing three-dimensional simulations.

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--  Stellar Explosions and Jets Showcased in New Three Dimensional Visualizations

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A Quick Look at the Black Hole Jet in M87 (01-06-2020)
Astronomers have shown that the famous black hole in Messier 87 is propelling particles faster than 99% of the speed of light using NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory.

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--  Famous Black Hole Has Jet Pushing Cosmic Speed Limit

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A Quick Look at the Crab Nebula 3D Visualization (01-05-2020)
Astronomers and visualization specialists from NASA's Universe of Learning program have combined X-ray, visible, and infrared wavelengths to create a 3D representation of the dynamic Crab Nebula.

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--  NASA's Great Observatories Help Astronomers Build a 3D Visualization of Exploded Star

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