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Chandra Images by Date: 2020
03 Aug 20
A galaxy cluster located 9.9 billion light years away from Earth.
15 Jul 20
The deepest X-ray image ever obtained that contains 28 previously misidentified black holes.
18 Jun 20
A young protostar located about 1,400 light years from Earth.
02 Jun 20
The center of the Milky Way galaxy located about 26,000 light years from Earth.
29 May 20
A system with a black hole and companion star about 10,000 light years from Earth.
11 May 20
A pair of galaxy clusters located about 1.2 billion light years from Earth.
23 Apr 20
A galaxy with a central supermassive black hole about 250 million light years from Earth.
08 Apr 20
A sample of galaxy clusters from a large survey.
19 Mar 20
A galaxy cluster located about 240 million light years from Earth.
27 Feb 20
A galaxy cluster located about 390 million light years from Earth.
20 Feb 20
A globular cluster located about 20,000 light years from Earth.
29 Jan 20
A compilation of astronomical visualizations based on Chandra and other X-ray data.
06 Jan 20
A galaxy with a supermassive black hole about 55 million light years from Earth.
05 Jan 20
A nebula powered by a pulsar located about 6,500 light years from Earth.