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Questions and Answers

Each category below contains a brief description about that topic.

The Chandra Mission Cosmology/Universe
Questions about the Big Picture: the size, age, mass and origins of the universe. Q&A

X-Ray Sources
Questions about specific types of cosmic X-ray sources. Dark Matter
WIMPS, extra-solar planets and other possibilites for the dark matter mystery. Q&A

X-ray Astronomy
Questions that have to do specifically with X-ray Astonomy. Q&A

General Astronomy and Space Science
Questions about astronomy and space science that don't fit in the above categories. Q&A

Questions about the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, NASA, our image use policy, obtaining hard copies of images, job opportunities. Q&A

Tips for Asking Your Questions

Please Do:
  • Look through our posted Q&A's, Chandra 101 section and the rest of the web site before asking your question.
  • Perform a local search of our web site.
  • Indicate your grade or expertise level.
  • Try to use an Internet search engine (such as Google or Yahoo) for general questions.
  • Understand that we are busy and it may take a week or two to receive an answer.
  • Include your correct email address - otherwise we can't send you a response.

Please Do Not:
  • Send us homework questions or term paper topics.
  • Ask us to do general web searches.
  • Ask us about topics outside our areas of interest and expertise (see Field Guide topics).
  • Expect a reply via regular (snail) mail.
We attempt to answer as many questions as possible, but because of the volume of email we receive, we are unfortunately often unable to answer all of them.

We will not respond to questions whose answers may be found on our site.

If you need help finding something, or you would like to ask a question, click on "help".