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Identification of Type II Quasar location
(Credit: NASA/JHU)

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Chandra Deep Field South :
Deepest X-Rays Ever Reveal universe Teeming With Black Holes

Chandra Deep Field South
Credit: NASA/JHU/AUI/R.Giacconi et al.

This one-million-second image, known as the "Chandra Deep Field-South" since it is located in the Southern Hemisphere constellation of Fornax, is the deepest X-ray exposure ever achieved. Most of the objects seen in the Chandra Deep Field-South are active galaxies and quasars powered by massive black holes. Also in this Chandra Deep Field-South image, for the first time in such deep exposures astronomers detect X-rays from many galaxies, groups, and clusters of galaxies. The intensities of the X-rays in this image are depicted, from lowest to highest energies, by red, yellow, and blue respectively.

Another early exciting discovery to emerge from the Chandra Deep Field-South is the detection of an extremely distant X-ray quasar shrouded in gas and dust. The discovery of this object, some twelve billion light years away, is key to understanding how dense clouds of gas form galaxies with massive black holes at their centers.

Fast Facts for Chandra Deep Field South :
Credit  NASA/JHU/AUI/R.Giacconi et al.
Scale  Image is 16 arcmin across.
Category  Cosmology/Deep Fields/X-ray Background, Black Holes
Coordinates (J2000)  RA 03h 32m 28s | Dec -27° 48´ 30.00"
Constellation  Fornax
Observation Dates  11 times from October 15, 1999 to December 23, 2000
Observation Time  259 hours
Obs. IDs  1431_0, 1431_1, 441, 582, 2406, 2405, 2312, 1672, 2409, 2313, 2239
Color Code  Intensity
Instrument  ACIS
Distance Estimate  9 to 11 billion light years
Release Date  March 13, 2001