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Q & A: Miscellaneous

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misc   Questions about the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, NASA, our image use policy, obtaining hard copies of images, job opportunities.
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Q: I have just finished high school and entered a faculty of Physics. For a future research in this field, what branches of superior mathematics should I concentrate on?

Q: Who reviews the material on the Chandra web site? Who is the author/editor of the material? Is he/she qualified to write this information? What is their occupation, position,education, experience?

Q: I need to know if it is wrong to say that a person's "mass" is 350 pounds. Is it wrong to call "pounds" mass?

Q: Could you please send me a catalog of Chandra items that are for sale?

Q: I love astronomy. I really want to be an astronomer. If I try really hard, are there any possibilities that when I will grow up I could be a NASA member?

Q: We believe that we are seeing Satellites orbiting as we are stargazing. How can we know which satellites they are? How can we get information on the orbits of satellites, i.e. whether they move east to west or whatever?

Q: I just wanted to make sure that it would be okay if I used some of the pictures on your web page for my paper and for the presentation that I have to give to my class.

Q: Could you please let me know if it's possible to obtain a 35mm print or slide of the following schematic of black hole?

Q: What job opportunities are there at the Chandra X-ray Observatory Center?

Q: Do you allow people to come to the observatory?

Q: I would like some information regarding which missions service guest observers or guest scientists.

Q: Can I have some information on the Mars lander scheduled for next year?

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