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Press Releases by Category
Chandra Pre-Launch Press Releases

Image Date Title Org.

19 Jul 99 Get the Latest on the World’s Most Powerful X-ray Telescope: NASA Experts Available to Talk About Chandra Observatory MSFC

09 Jul 99 NASA Managers Set July 20 As Launch Date for Chandra Telescope NASA

07 Jul 99 How To Cover NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory NASA

25 Jun 99 Briefings Set for Launch of Next "Great Observatory" in Space NASA

18 Feb 99 Chandra Fellows Named CXC

04 Feb 99 Chandra X-Ray Observatory Arrives at KSC for Processing KSC

04 Feb 99 TRW Ships NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory To Kennedy Space Center TRW

20 Jan 99 NASA Announces Delay in Shipment of Chandra Observatory NASA

21 Dec 98 NASA Names Premier X-Ray Observatory and Schedules Launch CXC

13 Oct 98 NASA Delays Shipment of X-Ray Telescope to Kennedy Space Center to Allow Additional Testing NASA

08 Jul 98 NASA X-Ray Observatory Completes Tests Under Harsh Simulated Space Conditions MSFC

25 Jun 98 Shuttle Astronauts Visit NASA's X-Ray Observatory Operations Control Center in Cambridge to Coordinate Plans for Launch ASC

16 Apr 98 NASA Announces Contest to Name X-Ray Observatory NASA

12 Mar 98 Assembly of NASA's Most Powerful X-Ray Telescope Completed NASA

11 Mar 98 First AXAF Fellowships Awarded ASC

05 Dec 97 Advanced X-Ray Astrophysics Facility Delivery Delayed NASA

20 Mar 97 Advanced X-Ray Telescope Mirrors Provide Sharpest Focus Ever NASA