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More Images: Coming in Hot: NASA's Chandra Checks Habitability of Exoplanets
Illustration & Map of Nearby Stars
Credit: Movie: Cal Poly Pomona/B. Binder; Illustration: NASA/CXC/M.Weiss
Click for large jpg Map & Illustration
Jpeg, Tif
Click for large jpg Map of Stars
Jpeg, Tif
Click for large jpg Illustration of a Star & Exoplanet
Jpeg, Tif
These graphics show a three-dimensional map of stars near the Sun that are close enough to Earth for planets in their habitable zones to be directly imaged using future telescopes, along with an artist’s illustration of such a system. Planets in their stars’ habitable zones likely have liquid water on their surfaces. A study with Chandra and XMM-Newton of some of these stars (shown in blue haloes) indicates those that would most likely have habitable exoplanets around them based on a second condition — whether they receive lethal radiation from the stars they orbit.

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