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Operations Control Center - Post-Launch & Deployment
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1. Chandra's First Photons
Chandra teams search for guide stars to tell them where Chandra is looking.
(Photo: CXC)

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2. Chandra's First Photons
Anticipating Chandra's first cosmic photons.
(Photo: CXC)

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3. Chandra's First Photons
Searching for guide stars.
(Photo: CXC)

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4. Chandra's First Photons
Preparing for Chandra's first photons.
(Photo: CXC)

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5. Chandra's First Photons
Scientists get their first look at the first x-ray source detected by Chandra.
(Photo: CXC)

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6. Chandra's First Photons
Flight directors confirm that Chandra has locked onto its first source.
(Photo: CXC)

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7. Chandra's First Photons
Chandra controller sending commands to open the sunshade door.
(Photo: CXC)

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8. Chandra's First Photons
Chandra scientists and managers watch intently as telescope is prepared to lock onto its first target.
(Photo: CXC)

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9. Chandra's First Photons
CXC manager and Chandra controllers relax for a moment after the first successful observation.
(Photo: CXC)

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10. Chandra's First Photons
Chandra team identifies guide stars.
(Photo: CXC)

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11. Chandra's First Photons
Scientists locating a star field that will allow Chandra to point to a desired target.
(Photo: CXC)

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