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Chandra Education Data Analysis Software & Activities Evaluation Form

Thank you for filling out the form below. We realize that it is long but all of the information on here will be very useful to us in continuing development of this system.

* Required

1 Name:*
2 Title or professional position:
3 School or organization:
4 Grades you teach:
5 Street:*
6 City:*
7 State:
8 Zip:
9 Country:*
10 E-mail:*
11 Phone:
12 How/where did you learn of this software:
13 Did you receive any training in its use?
      Yes No
What and where?

a) Was the training adequate and effective?

b) What changes would you recommend?
14 Did you try to install the system?
      Yes No
a) Were you successful?
      Yes No
b) What problems did you encounter?
(list specific problems/areas)

c) Is the installation procedure adequately documented? If no, recommend changes:
Comment on each section 15-20 below. If your response is negative, please recommend changes.
15 Introduction
a) Is the scope adequate?

b) Is the detail adequate?

c) Is there any specific information that should be deleted?

d) Is there any specific information that should be added?
16 Qualitative look at X-ray data/intro. to ds9
a) Is the process adequately explained?

b) Is the tutorial specific enough?

c) Could you find all information necessary to manipulate images?

d) Specific areas that caused problems?

e) Is there any specific area that should be deleted?

f) Is there any specific area that should be expanded?

g) Is there any image manipulation that you wanted to do but could not?
17 Cosmic Recycling
a) Does this section provide useful context?

b) What grades would you use it with?

c) Are there specific changes in format or approach that you
would suggest?

18 Projects/activities
a) Would you use these activities in the classroom? (y/n)
1.Yes No 2.Yes No 3.Yes No
4.Yes No 5.Yes No 6.Yes No

b) What grades would you use them with?
1. 2. 3.
4. 5. 6.
c) Specific changes you would make






19 Summary
a) Is this section an adequate summation of the material?

b) Is the figure useful?
Overall comments
a) Should this system be expanded to include more data sets?

b) Would you use comparable data from other wavelengths if offered?

c) Do you like the access over the Internet?

d) Would you like to see a version on CDROM?

e) Would you come to a follow-on workshop on this system?

f) To whom should this system be disseminated?

g) Should the system be modified to be more appealing to students?



Do think students can use the system without teacher assistance?

h) Should more background information should be provided to teachers?

More information on the science?

More information on ds9?

More information on X-ray analysis?

What is the best format for providing more information?

i) Will teachers be able to develop activities based on the data sets?

j) Would you be interested in developing activities based on the data sets?

PRIVACY NOTE: All information is private. Information will be addressed to the Chandra webmaster only; no information appears on this page. We will not use your information for any commercial purposes and you will not end up on junk email lists because of your submission. Please see our Privacy Policy for more information.