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Accepted Education and Public Outreach Proposals For Cycle 1
  1. Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC)
    PI: Nick White

    To be applied to support of on-going projects including:
    • Teacher intern program
    • Printing/dissemination web-based material
    • Developing web-based science inquiry segments
    • Attending/hosting informal education meetings
    • Evaluation/assessment

    • Placing results of GSFC AXAF investigations on web

  2. University of Pittsburgh
    PI: Daniel Turnshek

    Develop space science outreach web site with emphasis on local activities:
    • Links to other local/national sites
    • Showcase resources from NASA Regional Teacher Resource Center
    • Schedules for regional planetarium and observatory programs
    • Q&A page
    • Teacher developed pages
    • Personalized student pages
    • Science chat room

  3. University of Wisconsin
    PI Wilton Sanders

    Develop CDROM and learning modules for Gr. 7-12 "The Milky Way and Beyond: Exploring the nearby universe" based on science in AXAF proposal to study diffuse emission from nearby spiral galxies.

  4. University of New Hampshire (UNH)
    PI: Thomas Vestrand

    Support continued development of "Exciting News from Space" initially funded through IDEA grant. Student/teacher/scientist teams develop 5-10 min. multimedia presentation in news format on hot topics in X-ray astronomy for presentation at local planetarium.

  5. Space Telescope Science Institute (STScI)
    PI: Crystal Martin & Chip Kobulnicky (UCSC/Lick Obs))

    Multimedia web-based pictoral atlas of the elements and self-guided lesson for ages 12+ showing connection between naturally occurring elements, their astrophysical origins, astrophysical measurements, and the elements' everyday usage.

  6. Pennsylvania State University (PSU)
    PI: George Pavlov

    Create interactive web site of X-ray images and complementary images of same object from other wavelengths, Q&A/volunteer page.

  7. Pennsylvania State University (PSU)
    PI: Neil Brandt

    Contribute to expansion of current PSU ed/outreach efforts:
    • Provide scholarships to teachers to attend PSU teacher workships.
    • Provide support to develop workshop presentation
    • Support purchase of education materials for workshops
    • Support creation of color AXAF slides and photos

    • Eureka Scientific
      PI: Joseph Pesce

      Contribute to expansion of current PSU ed/outreach efforts:
      • Provide Scholarships for underpriviledged rural PA children to attend PSU astronomy camp.

    • Pennsylvania State University (PSU)
      PI: Eric Feigelson

      Contribute to expansion of current PSU ed/outreach efforts:
      • Contribute to support Director of Inservice Workshops
        & Astronomy camps (Gr. 8-10)
      • Cover travel to national science education meeting.
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