Supersized Chandra Images (May Be) Near You

We've talked about one of our favorite IYA2009 projects here before - "From Earth to the Universe" - and now we want to give you an update. As of this month, FETTU, as we lovingly call it, is a reality. In the US, FETTU is currently appearing in the Tucson international airport in the baggage claim area. So, if you are traveling through Tucson, Arizona over the next couple of weeks, it looks like you have a good reason to check a bag (even if they do charge those nasty extra fees.) At the end of March, these images will make their way to Memphis, Tennessee for a month before heading on to Anchorage, Alaska. And starting in April, both the O'Hare international airport in Chicago, Illinois and the Hartsfield international airport in Atlanta, Georgia will house their own semi-permanent versions of the exhibit. Check the map for additional US locations.

Postcards from Tucson (Right image, Copyright: XAVIER GALLEGOS/Tucson Citizen)

For those of you not in the US, don’t fret. FETTU is now either being shown or being planned for over 200 locations in some 55 countries. For a full list of where FETTU will appear, take a look here: and

If you happen to visit one of the FETTU exhibitions anywhere around the world, please feel free to post us a note about what you thought.

Carnival of Space

-Megan Watzke & Kim Arcand

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