The Chandra Communications & Public Engagement group's internal and external partnerships are a key component for leveraging expertise, audience building, knowledge sharing, and creation and dissemination of high-quality Chandra resources.  Listed here are some of our most recent partners and programs that have worked with Chandra communications, Chandra data, and Chandra materials.  Such partnerships allow and encourage network creation and building, synergistic activities and innovative approaches to communicating with public audiences. 
Chandra NASA programs: draw on the content produced by Chandra communications for their heavily trafficked web sites and social media feeds including the main NASA website and "," APOD and HEASARC image sites, and NASA's Chandra mission site.
Chandra National Science Olympiad: fields 6800 local teams involving over 100,000 students. Chandra infuses NASA space science results into the astronomy competition study guide and tests.
Chandra Smithsonian Institution: draws on images prepared by Chandra communications and content of Chandra public web site to populate museum displays and special Smithsonian collections (such as digital photography) and to feature on the Smithsonian web site, leveraging outreach to their museum audience and museum affiliates. Chandra has provided both science content and communications staff participation to Smithsonian "youth access" education programs.
Chandra Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum: partnered to host the research exhibit Astronomy & Aesthetics which examined concepts of public image display for optimum understanding and interaction. Also, Chandra contributed display materials for NASM's new public observatory which receives tens of thousands of on-site visitors per year.
Chandra NASA Museum Alliance and American Library Association: use Chandra images in displays, museum/library science outreach and host touring Chandra exhibits and associated programming. Brings Chandra to audiences "underserved" because of geographic location and access to digital resources. All materials also offered in Spanish translation.
Chandra NY Regional 4-H club network: distributes Chandra activities, exhibits, materials in out-of-school science programs for rural populations.
Chandra Northrop-Grumman and Space Grant Consortium: partner to offer summer internships at the Chandra Control Center mentored by NG Flight Team staff. Brings industry experience and mentors to college students interested in NASA careers.
Chandra SpaceMath: partners with Chandra to design problems based on science results for classroom instruction. SpaceMath curriculum is distributed widely and published.
Chandra Rutgers University: is offering a MOOC physics course in fall 2013 enabling student research in archived Chandra observations. Early registration has topped 9000 students. Exposes new undergraduate audiences to data analysis and archives from NASA satellites.
Chandra National Federation for the Blind: Chandra developed tactile/Braille posters for use in public exhibits, distribution to schools for the Blind, and NFB summer science camp programming. Leverages a severely underserved audience. All Chandra public exhibit programming contains tactile/Braille components and is also accessible on-line. The NFB reports that in FY12, over 4000 sight disabled visitors interacted with the tactile/Braille astronomy panels developed by Chandra.
Chandra United Nations Universe Awareness program (UNAWE) Space Scoop program: aimed at younger children co-produces age and grade appropriate articles derived from Chandra science releases. The distribution is world-wide, in 25 languages. Increases reach in US through distribution partnerships with Smithsonian Kids, National Geographic Kids, Eureka alerts.
Chandra The Adler Planetarium (Chicago) and Agnes Scott College (GA): partnered with Chandra to produce "From Earth to the Universe" (FETTU) exhibits at Chicago O’Hare and Atlanta Hartsfield airports. They host parts of the former exhibits and continue as collaborative partners.
Chandra Radford University (VA): incorporated FETTU content into a new building with a science outreach function.
Chandra NASA Astrobiology Institute and National Center for Earth and Space Science Education: partnered with Chandra to create a travelling public exhibit for the Year of the Solar System called "From Earth to the Solar System." Modeled on FETTU and physically reusing the exhibit stands, it showed at 49 venues and infused Chandra content into cross-disciplinary settings (planetary science, astrobiology) outside of astrophysics audiences.
Chandra Environmental Protection Agency: is hosting content from two Chandra programs, Here, There and Everywhere (a public science exhibit) and STOP for Science (an informal education program) in an EPA visitor center, partnering with Chandra to use their model of public science to pilot a program of incorporating STEM and science content into their visitor center programs.
Chandra NH Youth National Guard: partnered with Chandra to offer a pilot family-oriented science festival and a professional development program for K-12 teachers serving the military to introduce them to NASA education resources. Further programs utilizing each others resources are planned.
Chandra ViewSpace: has partnered with Chandra to provide content for the installations in ViewSpace kiosks nationwide, reaching, according to ViewSpace metrics, some 8.7M viewers per year.