Chandra Communications & Public Engagement program has received recognition for its projects and digital content through two international communication awards and numerous US digital awards.
Pirelli Zoom

Pirelli International Award for Physics for Chandra vodcasts for “the innovative use of new generation multimedia tools toward broadening science communication to the wider public." (2007)


Aegis Award for Black Hole podcast (2009)

IYA Zoom

Mani Bhaumik Prize for Excellence in Astronomy Education and Public Outreach & Communicating Astronomy with the Public 2010 Conference Keynote speech, “From Earth to the Universe” (2010)

Spacscoop Zoom

16th Annual Communicator Award of Distinction, “The Extraordinary Universe” podcast (2010)

Webby Zoom

14th Annual Webby Award Official Honoree, “The Extraordinary Universe” podcast (2010)

NSF Zoom

NSF International Science & Engineering Visualization Challenge Finalist, “Star Blasts Planet with X-rays” Illustration, (2011)

Pixie Zoom

Pixie Award, Platinum, “From Earth to the Solar System” trailer (2011).
Pixie Award, Platinum, “Hidden Baby Black Hole” animation (2011)

Pixie Award, Gold, “Here, There and Everywhere” trailer (2012).
Pixie Award, Gold, “Where the Wind Blows” podcast (2012)