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2000 Desktop Patterns

Bring the Chandra X-ray Observatory to your PC with our Desktop Patterns/Wallpapers & Screensavers!
"How do I place a Chandra image on my desktop?" Answer

Single Image Desktop Patterns/Wallpaper

Thumbnail of Sirius A and B
Sirius A and B
[Photo Album]
640x480 - 206 kb
800x600 - 282 kb
1024x768 - 389 kb
1280x800 - bytes
1280x1024 - 534 kb
1440x900 - bytes
1680x1050 - bytes
1920x1200 - bytes

Thumbnail of M31
[Photo Album]
640x480 - 66 kb
800x600 - 87 kb
1024x768 - 124 kb
1280x800 - bytes
1280x1024 - 172 kb
1440x900 - 361 kb
1680x1050 - 450 kb
1920x1200 - 554 kb