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In cooperation with Space Scoop: Bringing news from across the Universe to children all around the world. Universe Awareness and the Chandra X-ray Observatory

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NGC 922 NGC 922
  For Kids: Galaxy Hits a Cosmic Bullseye  [ PLUS PODCAST! ]

Abell 30 Abell 30
  For Kids: Blowing Bubbles

Cygnus OB2 Cygnus OB2
  For Kids: A Field Trip to Star School  [ PLUS PODCAST! ]

NGC 6543 NGC 6543
  For Kids: The Butterfly Hunter  [ PLUS PODCAST! ]

NGC 1929 NGC 1929
  For Kids: At the End of the Rainbow  [ PLUS PODCAST! ]

Phoenix Cluster Phoenix Cluster
  For Kids: Please Don't Stop the Music!  [ PLUS PODCAST! ]

IGR J11014-6103 IGR J11014-6103
  For Kids: The Space Olympics

SN 2010jl SN 2010jl
  For Kids: Breaking Free From a Cosmic Cocoon  [ PLUS PODCAST! ]

M83 M83
  For Kids: Not Your Average Superhero  [ PLUS PODCAST! ]

DLSCL J0916.2+2951 DLSCL J0916.2+2951
  For Kids: Archaeologists of the Universe  [ PLUS PODCAST! ]

Cassiopeia A Cassiopeia A
  For Kids: A Star Turned Inside Out!

Abell 383 Abell 383
  For Kids: The Weird Shape of Weird Stuff

Sagittarius A* Sagittarius A*
  For Kids: Throwing Rocks in Space

G350.1-0.3 G350.1-0.3
  For Kids: The Star Kicker

El Gordo El Gordo
  For Kids: A "Fat" Cluster of Galaxies

Images For Kids: '18 | '17 | '16 | '15 | '14 | '13 | '12 | '11

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