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Space Scoop

In cooperation with Space Scoop: Bringing news from across the Universe to children all around the world. Universe Awareness and the Chandra X-ray Observatory

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SXP 1062 SXP 1062
  For Kids: The Star with a Slow Pulse

Abell 2052 Abell 2052
  For Kids: Sloshing Around in Space Like a Soda!

Cygnus X-1 Cygnus X-1
  For Kids: X-rays Mark the Spot

Tarantula Nebula Tarantula Nebula
  For Kids: Super-Sized Space Spider!

G299.2-2.9 G299.2-2.9
  For Kids: Lord of the Rings

NGC 281 NGC 281
  For Kids: Telescopes that Tell Different Tales

CoRoT-2a CoRoT-2a
  For Kids: Totally Extreme Exo-planets!

NGC 3393 NGC 3393
  For Kids: A Pair of Black Holes Hiding Right Under our Noses!

Abell 2744 Abell 2744
  For Kids: Our Universe is big, beautiful... and mostly invisible!

Images For Kids: '16 | '15 | '14 | '13 | '12 | '11

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