Alternate Learning


Touch the Universe

Braille and tactile materials on our Sun, planets, stars, galaxies and more for blind and visually impaired audiences. Open source & peer-reviewed.

More tactile resources here and here.

Audio Files

Chandra X-ray Observatory podcasts
The most recent cutting-edge discoveries and updates from NASA’s Chandra mission in audio formats. New podcasts are produced approximately every 2-3 weeks.

A Universe of Notes
This audio explanation of the electromagnetic spectrum makes an analogy between sound and light.

Rumble Map

Eclipse Soundscape
The Eclipse Soundscapes’ app features an interactive "rumble map," which uses a smartphone's touch screen and vibrational feedback to demonstrate the physical qualities of an eclipse. The rumble map displays photos of the eclipse at various stages. When users touch the image, the app reads the greyscale value of a pixel underneath their finger, and vibrates the phone with a strength relative to the brightness of the section. Download the app at


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