Alternate Learning


Touch the Universe

Braille and tactile materials on our Sun, planets, stars, galaxies and more for blind and visually impaired audiences. Open source & peer-reviewed.

More tactile resources here and here.

Audio Files

Chandra X-ray Observatory podcasts
The most recent cutting-edge discoveries and updates from NASA’s Chandra mission in audio formats. New podcasts are produced approximately every 2-3 weeks.

A Universe of Notes
This audio explanation of the electromagnetic spectrum makes an analogy between sound and light.

Brick By Brick

Building the X-ray Universe
Our Chandra Lego project shows a few key features of this telescope that has performed remarkably in space for over two decades. This activity page also includes a 3-D model of supernova remnant Cassiopeia A based on the actual science data that you can build brick by brick, as well as some simple at-home spacecraft and explorers to design that you can be as creative with as you like. Enjoy building your Universe with bricks here!


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