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Page 12
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1. Sequence of Chandra Earth Aurora Images
QuicktimeMPEG The bright arcs in this sample of Chandra images show low-energy X-rays (0.1 - 10 kilo electron volts) generated during auroral activity. The images are approximately 20-minute scans during which Chandra was pointed at a fixed point in the sky and the Earth's motion carried the auroral regions through the field of view. The estimated altitude of the X-ray emission is 100 km. Auroras are produced by solar storms that disturb Earth's magnetic field and accelerate electrons which speed along the magnetic field into the polar regions. There the electrons collide with atoms high in Earth's atmosphere and emit X-rays.
[Runtime: 0:10]
(X-ray: NASA/MSFC/CXC/A.Bhardwaj & R.Elsner, et al.; Earth model: NASA/GSFC/L.Perkins & G.Shirah)

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Click for high-resolution animation
2. Virtual Voyage through the Milky Way: Earth to Local Group
QuicktimeMPEG Zoom out past Earth, Venus, Mercury & the Sun. Go beyond the solar system, and out of the Milky Way to our Local Group.
[Runtime: 0:56]

Page 12