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3C 75 in Abell 400 Animations
Click for low-resolution animation
Black Hole Merger Animation
Quicktime MPEG
Broadcast Quality
  • Movie 1 (2005) (1019.6 MB)
  • Movie 2 (1.2 GB)

  • The movie shows a merger of two galaxies (simulation) that forms a single galaxy with two centrally located supermassive black holes surrounded by disks of hot gas. The black holes orbit each other for hundreds of millions of years before they merge to form a single supermassive black hole that sends out intense gravitational waves.
    [Runtime: 0:43]
    (Animation: NASA/CXC/A. Hobart
    Simulation: Josh Barnes (U. of Hawaii)/John Hibbard (NRAO)

    Animation Stills

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