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More Images of Galactic Center Radio Arc
Galactic Center Radio Arc X-ray Image
The Chandra data (diffuse blue emission) shows hot X-ray gas that is seen over a large region of the core of the Milky Way Galaxy.
(Credit: NASA/CXC/Northwestern/F.Zadeh et al.)

Galactic Center Radio Arc Radio Image
Displayed in red, this image shows the spectacular filamentary structures that appear in centimeter radio wavelengths.
(Credit: NRAO/AUI/NSF/F.Zadeh et al.)

Galactic Center Radio Arc Millimeter Wavelength Image
This image presents the distribution of cold gas as seen in millimeter wavelength radio data, over the same region as the Chandra image. These images come observations made with Nobeyama Radio Observatory in Japan.
(Credit: Nobeyama/M.Tsuboi)

Galactic Center Radio Arc X-ray/Millimeter Wavelength Side by Side
This side-by-side composite shows the X-ray and millimeter wave observations over the same region in the core of the Milky Way Galaxy.
(Credit: X-ray (blue): NASA/CXC/Northwestern/F.Zadeh et al.; Millimeter Wavelength (green): Nobeyama/M.Tsuboi)

Chandra X-ray Image with Scale Bar
Scale bar = 7 arcmin
Credit: X-ray (blue): NASA/CXC/Northwestern/F.Zadeh et al.; Millimeter Wavelength (green): Nobeyama/M.Tsuboi; Radio (red): NRAO/VLA F.Zadeh et al.

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