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More Images of Sagittarius A
Sagittarius A East
Jpeg , PS
Sagittarius A East with Labels
The large white dashed ellipse represents the approximate boundary of non-thermal emission for the supernova remnant known as Sgr A East. The smaller white dashed oval represents the area, known as Sgr A West, where spiral-shaped streams of gas are falling onto the black hole at the center of the Milky Way.
Credit: NASA/G.Garmire (PSU)/F.Baganoff (MIT)

Sagittarius A East
Jpeg , PS
Sagittarius A East with Radio Contours
This Chandra X-ray image has been overlayed with radio data taken with NSF's Very Large Array.
Credit: NASA/G.Garmire (PSU)/F.Baganoff (MIT)/Yusef-Zadeh (NWU)

Sagittarius A East
Jpeg , PS
Sagittarius A East Radio Image
A 20-cm radio image of Sgr A East taken by the Very Large Array. The radio emission from the central few parsecs of the Galaxy has several components, including a compact non-thermal source at the central massive black hole (Sgr A*), spiral-shaped streams of gas falling onto Sgr A* (Sgr A West), and the ring-shaped supernova remnant shown here (Sgr A East).

Credit: NSF/F.Yusef-Zadeh (NWU)

Sagittarius A East
Jpeg , PS
A schematic view of the radio image. One arcmin corresponds to about 2.3 pc (7 light years) at the distance of the Galactic Center (about 30,000 light years). The dotted line corresponds to the Galactic Plane.
Credit: Penn State/Y.Maeda et al.

Sagittarius A East
Jpeg , PS
A schematic diagram showing how a supernova remnant might regulate gas falling onto the supermassive black hole at the center of our Galaxy.
Credit: NASA/G.Garmire (PSU)/F.Baganoff (MIT)/Yusef-Zadeh (NWU)

Chandra X-ray Image with Scale Bar

Scale bar = 1 arcmin
(Credit: NASA/Penn State/G.Garmire et al.)

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