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Destination: X-ray Milky Way CD-ROM

v1.0 January 2005

NOTE: "This CD is currently out of print (April 22, 2009)"

Cd label

THE GALACTIC CENTER: Chandra's panoramic X-ray view covers a 900- by 400-light year swath of the teeming and tumultuous Milky Way center. While this is only a small fraction of the nearly 100,000-light-year diameter of the Milky Way, it represents rather valuable Galactic real estate. For in this relatively small field of view, there are hundreds of objects including the remains of shattered stars, pairs of orbiting objects, and incredibly dense white dwarf and neutron stars. And at the center, an enormous black hole with the mass equivalent of 3 million Suns dominates the landscape.

"Destination: X-ray Milky Way" takes you on an interactive voyage through the heart of the X-ray Milky Way. Discover the bustling activity of our Galactic downtown by zooming, panning and exploring the innermost region of the Milky Way in X-ray light and other wavelengths. Take a virtual voyage from Earth through the Milky Way to the Local Group and back to the Galactic Center. Learn about other Chandra observations in the Galactic neighborhood, including supernovas, black holes, neutron stars and more. Play "Name that Object", sort objects by their distance and diameter, or try a word search to test your skills.

Still image of activity
Sample image
from "Destination:
X-ray Milky Way"

These materials are available to educators and amateur astronomy societies for use with their organizations. We cannot fill requests for personal use. On the request form, you must clearly indicate the full name (no abbreviations or acronymns) of the educational institution, museum, planetarium or other educational or amateur astronomy organization for which these materials are being requested, and state your position in it.

If your program would like to receive a copy, please visit the Chandra materials request form and select "Destination: X-ray Milky Way CD-ROM" from the product list.

Requesters should allow at least 2 weeks for delivery to a US destination, and at least a month (or more, depending on destination) for foreign shipments. We cannot use express delivery services for foreign shipments, only US mail. Foreign shipments are often delayed by new customs requirements.

Software Specifications:

Minimum System Requirements:
  • Windows: Pentium II or higher, 32 MB or more of RAM recommended.
  • Mac OS: Power Macintosh Power PC (G3 or higher), 32 MB or more of RAM recommended.
QuickTime Player is required to view the QuickTime movies contained in this CD-ROM.

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