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And the honorable mentions are...

NAME: Ameliza Ahmad
SCHOOL: Bukit Panjang Government High School

This observatory will serve as an important place as to discover about how the universe functions, and to me these extraordinary discoveries will be at the utmost interest during the next millennium. During this next millennium, many changes will take place as the human race explore the boundaries outside earth, and because the Observatory will be the place where these discoveries will be made, it should (and hopefully would be!) called The Millennium.

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NAME: Silvana Karina Alegre de Di Rocca

I think the name "Millenium X-ray Space Observatory (MXSO)" would be a good name because it represents a new era in astrophysics research in space, using an observatory with the last technology and knowledge of humanity during this century, and this x-ray observatory will give us new information and new ideas about the Universe in the beginning of the next millenium.

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NAME: Jessica Grady
SCHOOL: Solar Woods Homeschool

I think that "Millennium" would be a good name because it symbolizes a turning point, and the observatory could be a turning point for astronomy.

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