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Honorable Mentions

NAME: Carol Urico

As a result of reading Carl Sagan's "Cosmos" some years ago, I became aware of a woman who was the last scientist to work in the Great Library of Alexandria. Her name was Hypatia; and it is her name I wish to suggest for the AXAF. Choosing this name would, in my view, be most appropriate as a symbolism for the quest for knowledge that is the goal of the AXAF. This woman was not only an astronomer, she was a mathematician and a philosopher. Her accomplishments were truly extraordinary given the status of women in the 4th Century. Her story should stand as an inspiration for young girls and women interested in the science of the 21st Century. To have the AXAF named after this exceptional historical figure would emphasize the need to approach the mysteries of the Universe through the many diverse fields of study within the scientific community. The information gathered by this Observatory from the darkest regions of the Universe will continue to provide the "light of knowledge" we humans desire so much. What a magnificent extension of the work of Hypatia and the ideal that was the Alexandrian Library!

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