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Honorable Mentions

NAME: Anita Barry

One of Richard Feynman's gifts was his ability to make complex ideas understandable. Where others would rely on convention methods and protocols in scientific research, Feynman sought new, unique solutions disdaining those who "tried to make something different and complicated out of something that's simple and beautiful." His constant search to discover the mysteries of the universe covered a broad spectrum of science. It was his simple explanation of the results of temperature on the Challenger o-rings that helped solve the cause of the disaster. Feynman's influence, achievements and contributions to our understanding of physics left its considerable imprint during this century. His desire to share his information so everyone could understand the wonder and beauty make his name a good candidate for this observatory.

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NAME: Paul Vecchio

I propose that the AXAF be renamed Feynman Station. This would honor of one of the greatest American theoretical physicists of our century. His contribution to science and his world recognition as a Noble laureate makes him a perfect choice. The works he accomplished in the fields of sub-atomic physics and quantum dynamics qualify Dr. Feynman as a first rate physicist and an explorer into the invisible quantum world. The interpretation of the data collected by the AXAF will rely heavily upon the scientific principles that were discovered by Dr. Feynman. The AXAF will explore primordial regions of the Universe and astronomers will call upon experts in sub-atomic physics to explain some the phenomena they observe. I am optimistic that NASA's next great observatory will reveal previously invisible secrets found at the very edge of the Big Bang. The foundations established by physicists like Dr. Feynman, combined with new discoveries in mathematics, cosmology, and astrophysics, will unlock some of the greatest mysteries of our Universe.

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