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Honorable Mentions

NAME: John Bourquis
I read about your contest to name the AXAF Telescope that will be launched next year on STS-93. This telescope will be seeing into our universe and in a way, seeing into our past and future at the same time. The past in that the events it will see probably actually happened thousands of years ago, but only now can we see them as the light finally makes its way through the universe. And it sees into the future in that the fate of our world greatly depends and is affected by the events in our universe. So therefore, I believe this latest tool to explore our universe should be named for Leonardo DaVinci - more specifically, the "DaVinci-Scope." He was the one who years ago said we could fly and now not only do we fly, we leave the Earth. And now we're going to leave the Earth and find out more about where we live - our universe. The Hubble Space Telescope was named for another visionary person, and so it makes sense to do the same for this latest one.

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NAME: K.A. Martin
Painter, sculptor, architect, inventor, writer, engineer, astronomer, anatomist, musician, physicist, philosopher, botanist, mathematician - Leonardo da Vinci was all of these and more. Artistic and scientific genius, he recorded his ideas in notes and drawings that reveal the breadth and depth of his thinking. A famous artist by the age of twenty Leonardo da Vinci shares the summit of High Renaissance achievement with masters such as Michelangelo, Raphael and Titian. As an engineer his rational effort to construct a flying machine are commemorated in the designation of the Rome Airport, 'Leonardo da Vinci'. The creator of two of the best known paintings in the whole history of art, the Mona Lisa and The Last Supper was equally in demand, in his lifetime as a sculptor, an architect, a master of revels, a military engineer and as a builder of viaducts.

There appears to be no field of knowledge to which he has not made a contribution: anatomy, physiology, mechanics, hydraulics, physics, philosophy, mathematics, writing, engineering, philosophy, orbital mechanics, botany, optics were all transformed by his magic touch. Leonardo, portrayed from the Turin drawing, is accompanied by the spiral helicopter, implying strongly that he should also be regarded as the true pioneer of human flight.

A work as creative and remarkable as AXAF merits the name of a genius as creative and remarkable as Leonardo da Vinci. Can you imagine NASA's mission of such beautiful vision commemorating Leonardo's life of such astronomical vision!!!

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