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Honorable Mentions

NAME:Ellen Jackson

Benjamin Banneker (1731-1806) was the first African-American astronomer. Although he received little schooling Banneker was an accomplished mathematician and scientist. He compiled a widely known almanac, built one of the first American-made clocks, and helped plan the construction of Washington D.C.
The Observatory Banneker
1. Will observe the sky. 1. Observed the sky.
2. Might be named for a mathematician, scientist, or astronomer. 2. Banneker was a mathematician, scientist, and an astronomer.
3. Will help dispel ignorance. 3. Banneker helped many people see that Blacks were intellectually capable (and helped dispel ignorance).

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NAME: Robert Twitty
SCHOOL:Gateway Middle

I think the AXAF should be called, "The Benjamin Banneker Observatory". He was a great black scientist. Benjamin constructed one of the first clocks in America; assisted the commission that surveyed the District of Columbia. In 1792 Banneker published his almanac. Benjamin began to study astronomy and successfully predicted the solar eclipse that occurred on April 14, 1789. Benjamin died in 1806. But a famous quote by Banneker is" The color of the skin is no way connected with the strength of the mind or intellectual powers."

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