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And the honorable mentions are...

NAME: Stephen Brickell

Issac Asimov contributed to our understanding of Astronomy, Astrophysics, and Cosmology. In his book "The Universe", he explained all of these sciences in terms that people could understand...For that was his intention. His fascination and appetite for science of any kind was insatiable. As an adolescent who grew up with the Apollo program, I felt as if he were at my side...Exploring the Universe and reeling from the wonder of it all.

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NAME: Shazeen Moledina
SCHOOL: Ping Yi Secondary School
I've chosen the name of the late Dr. Isaac Asimov whose wonderful fictional and non-fictional works have introduced many of us to the wonders of science and intelligent SF, no doubt influencing many into a related career. He may not have won a Nobel Prize and has won numerous literary awards for the hundred of books he has written, like no-one else can. Few lay people have heard of Hubble or Compton before their names were given to the projects. Even now, if one were to ask the man-in-the-street about "Hubble", he would mention the telescope rather than the man himself and his work on the expanding universe. Asimov's contribution, like X-rays, are invisible to the known senses. Yet his words and ideas penetrate much more deeply to reveal the universe around us by igniting the sense of excitement and wonder that is within us all.

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NAME:Patricia Solfest

When you were young, who lit the flame of your fascination with science and space exploration? One person who has inspired generations of young people is Isaac Asimov, a scientist, writer and teacher. This prolific author of more than 400 books about science and technology, possessed an uncanny ability to make complicated scientific concepts understandable. But even more than his ability to teach us, it was Asimov's vision of a future filled with infinite adventure for which he will be most remembered. His books, describing life on alien planets and establishin the laws of robots, opened new worlds to his readers, just as this new observatory will. The Asimov Observatory will peer into the murky shadows of space and, using X-ray, reveal great wonders not visible to the ordinary eye. What a great tribute it would be to one who would continue to teach us of the magnificence of our universe on this his last, great "Fantastic Voyage."

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