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Recent Podcast
A Quick Look at Ring Galaxy AM 0644-741
A Quick Look at Ring Galaxy AM 0644-741
Astronomers have used NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory to discover a ring of black holes or neutron stars in a galaxy 300 million light years from Earth. (2018-09-06)

CoRoT-2A in 60 Seconds

Narrator (April Hobart, CXC): In recent years, astronomers have found hundreds of planets orbiting stars other than our Sun. New Chandra observations of one of these planets reveal that it is in a fairly dire situation. The Chandra data provide evidence that the star in this system, known as CoRoT-2a, is blasting a planet that is in an extremely close orbit around it with very powerful X-rays. These X-rays are a hundred thousand times more intense than those that the Earth receives from the Sun, and are causing some serious damage. Astronomers estimate that this high-energy radiation is evaporating about 5 million tons of matter every second from the planet. Future observations with Chandra and other telescopes should reveal more details about what’s going on in this system and perhaps others like it. In the meantime, let’s be happy that the Earth isn't anything like this fried planet.

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