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A Quick Look at Abell 1033
A Quick Look at Abell 1033
Hidden in a distant galaxy cluster collision are wisps of gas resembling the starship Enterprise, an iconic spaceship from the "Star Trek" franchise. (2018-11-15)
Podcasts: 2008

Recent discoveries and updates of the Chandra mission in video and audio formats.

Just Two Numbers Is All You Need (06-02-2008)
Black holes sound wildly complicated. After all, there are all sorts of bizarre things going on: intense gravity, the warping of the fabric of space, the distortion of time itself. But when it comes to describing black holes, it comes down to just two numbers: the mass of the black hole and its spin.

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Sombrero Galaxy in 60 Seconds (05-21-2008)
Like the Milky Way, Sombrero is a spiral galaxy. However, we see Sombrero edge-on from our vantage point from Earth, rather than the face-down perspective that is more familiar.

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Kepler's Supernova Remnant in 60 Seconds (05-07-2008)
The supernova explosion that created this object was witnessed on Earth about 400 ago years by many skywatchers, including the astronomer Johannes Kepler. This object, which now bears Kepler's name, is the remains of a massive star's demise.

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M82 in 60 Seconds (04-14-2008)
When seen in visible light from the Hubble Space Telescope, M82 looks like an ordinary spiral galaxy.

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Exploring The Large Magellanic Cloud (04-02-2008)
The Large Magellanic Cloud, known as the LMC, is a nearby satellite galaxy of our own Milky Way. At a distance of around 160,000 light-years, the LMC is the third closest galaxy to us. But the LMC is more than just a nice little sidekick.

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