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Recent Podcast
A Quick Look at the Crab Nebula
A Quick Look at the Crab Nebula
A new composite image of the Crab Nebula features X-rays from Chandra, optical data from Hubble, and infrared data from Spitzer. (2018-03-14)
Podcasts: Quick Look

Short "bullet" format podcasts.

A Quick Look at CDF-S XT1 (04-12-2017)
A strange object has been discovered in a region of the sky called the Chandra Deep Field-South.

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--  CDF-S Transient: Mysterious Cosmic Explosion Puzzles Astronomers

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A Quick Look at X9 in 47 Tucanae (03-13-2017)
The closest orbit between a star and a black hole ever seen has been discovered.

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--  Star Discovered in Closest Known Orbit Around Likely Black Hole

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A Quick Look at Supernova 1987A (02-24-2017)
SN 1987A was the brightest supernova seen in over 400 years and relatively close, allowing for detailed studies by many telescopes.

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--  The Dawn of a New Era for Supernova 1987A

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A Quick Look at XJ1500+0154 (02-06-2017)
Other similar events have been seen before but this one is much longer, representing an unusually massive meal.

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--  Black Hole Meal Sets Record for Duration and Size

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A Quick Look at Chandra Deep Field South (01-05-2017)
Made with over 7 million seconds of Chandra observing time, this is the deepest X-ray image ever obtained.

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--  Deepest X-ray Image Ever Reveals Black Hole Treasure Trove

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