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Space Scoop: Not Your Average Superhero
Space Scoop: Not Your Average Superhero
A black hole is formed when a massive star is squashed into an incredibly tiny volume. (2015-04-02)
Podcasts: Quasars & Active Galaxies

Recent discoveries and updates of the Chandra mission in video and audio formats.

NGC 4258 in 60 Seconds (07-11-2008)
A composite image of NGC 4258, about 25 million light-years from Earth, shows an X-shaped pattern when seen in different types of light.

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3C321 in 60 Seconds (06-12-2008)
In 3C321, a jet from a black hole in one of the galaxies is pummeling its neighbor galaxy, the first time this type of galactic violence has ever been seen. The jet could bring big trouble for any planets in its path, but could also trigger a burst of star formation in its wake.

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What's in a Name? (01-02-2008)
Names in astronomy don't always tell the whole story. Let's take, for example, radio galaxies. Why, might you ask, would a Chandra podcast talk about such an object? The answer is that radio galaxies are, yes, very bright in radio emission. But they are also powerful emitters of X-rays, optical light and from other parts of the electromagnetic spectrum. More than that, they are important objects that really have played a very big role in how the Universe has evolved.

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