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Space Scoop: Sweeping Supernovas
Space Scoop: Sweeping Supernovas
This space photograph shows a supernova remnant that is sweeping up a remarkable amount of material. (2014-04-16)
Podcasts: Groups & Clusters of Galaxies

Recent discoveries and updates of the Chandra mission in video and audio formats.

Stephan's Quintet in 60 Seconds (07-10-2009)
This beautiful image gives a new look at Stephan's Quintet, a compact group of galaxies discovered about 130 years ago and located about 280 million light years from Earth.

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MacsJ0717 in 60 Seconds (05-15-2009)
This image contains one of the most complex galaxy clusters known, which is located about 5.4 billion light years from Earth.

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--  Cosmic Heavyweights in Free-For-All
--  Tour of MacsJ0717

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Medusa in 60 Seconds (05-01-2009)
NGC 4194 is a galaxy that is found about 110 million light years from Earth.

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--  A Black Hole in Medusa's Hair
--  Tour of Medusa

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Abell 85 in 60 Seconds (01-23-2009)
The composite image shows the galaxy cluster known as Abell 85, which is located about 740 million light years from Earth.

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--  Dark Energy Found Stifling Growth in Universe
--  Tour of Abell 85

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Abell 1689 in 60 Seconds (11-14-2008)
Abell 1689 is a massive cluster of galaxies located about 2.3 billion light-years away.

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--  A Galaxy Cluster Makes Its Mark
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