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Operations CXO Status Report

Friday 19 January 2001 8.00am EST

Last week the observing schedule was re-planned to include a Target Of Opportunity observation of the dwarf nova SS Cygni that is currently entering an outburst state. The observation was completed successfully following the insertion of the LETG during a real-time pass on Jan 17. Planned observations of IC1727, A262 and NGC266 were impacted by the TOO and will be rescheduled.

Other real-time procedures last week included a check of the CPE warm start count that showed the value remained at 1.

Of note last week was the conduct of a training simulation for the full operation team. The simulation was run over 2 days using the spacecraft hardware simulator as the source of data. The team had no prior knowledge of the simulated problem (a failed gyro leading to safemode) and responded with a correct analysis, problem identification and plan for recovery to science operations. The exercise also included several simulated ground system problems.

The planned observations for the coming week are shown below and include the retraction of the LETG on Jan 24.

H1821+643 ACIS-S/LETG Jan 23 HER X-1 HRC-S/LETG Jan 24 RX J0822-4300 HRC-S Jan 25 2MASSJ034857+1255 ACIS-I 2MASSJ023430+2438 ACIS-I 2MASSJ005055+2933 ACIS-I AGX J233200+1945 ACIS-I Radiation Belts 2MASSJ010835+2148 ACIS-I Jan 26 2MASSJ012031+2003 ACIS-I 2MASSJ015721+1712 ACIS-I CADIS 01H Field ACIS-I A 478 ACIS-S 3C120 ACIS-S Jan 27 NGC 7331 ACIS-S NGC 660 ACIS-S NGC 741 Group ACIS-S 1RXSJ0203-2438 HRC-S Jan 28 NGC1097 ACIS-S Radiation Belts MACS J0717.5+3745 ACIS-I Jan 29 2MASSJ095504+1705 ACIS-I MS0839.9+2938 ACIS-S


All spacecraft subsystems continued to operate nominally.

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