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Cassiopeia A:
Chandra Maps Vital Elements in Supernovas

Chandra Cas A X-ray Image
JPEG (181 k) , Tiff (2.9 MB), PS (3.4 MB)
Chandra X-ray image of the supernovas remnant Cassiopeia A (Cas A). The red, green, and blue regions in this Chandra X-ray image of the supernovas remnant Cassiopeia A show where the intensity of low, medium, and high-energy X-rays, respectively, is greatest. The red material on the left outer edge is enriched in iron, whereas the bright greenish white region on the lower left is enriched in silicon and sulfur. In the blue region on the right edge, low and medium energy X-rays have been filtered out by a cloud of dust and gas in the remnant.

Fast Facts for Cassiopeia A:
Credit NASA/CXC/SAO/Rutgers/J.Hughes
Scale  Image is 8.5 arcmin on a side.
Category  Supernovas & Supernova Remnants
Coordinates (J2000)  RA 23h 23m 25.80s | Dec +58º 48' 53.40"
Constellation  Cassiopeia
Observation Date  August 19, 1999
Observation Time  1.7 hours
Obs. ID  214
Color Code  Intensity: Blue=high-energy; Green=medium energy; Red=low energy
Instrument  ACIS
Distance Estimate  About 10,000 light years
Release Date  December 21, 1999

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