Ice Core Records - 2015 Webinar

This presentation is an overview for the Ice Core Records – From Volcanoes to Supernovas educational materials developed by the NASA Chandra X-Ray Observatory high energy astrophysics mission.

Individual Movies/Chapters

Ice Core Records Webinar 1 Ice Core Records - 2015 Webinar Part 1
Runtime: 10:43
Ice Core Records Webinar 2 Ice Core Records - 2015 Webinar Part 2
Runtime: 10:03
Ice Core Records Webinar 3 Ice Core Records - 2015 Webinar Part 3
Runtime: 8:44
Ice Core Records Webinar 4 Ice Core Records - 2015 Webinar Part 4
Runtime: 10:10
Ice Core Records Webinar 5 Ice Core Records - 2015 Webinar Part 5
Runtime: 9:32
Ice Core Records Webinar 6 Ice Core Records - 2015 Webinar Part 6
Runtime: 10:29
Ice Core Records Webinar 7 Ice Core Records - 2015 Webinar Part 7
Runtime: 10:27
Ice Core Records Webinar 8 Ice Core Records - 2015 Webinar Part 8
Runtime: 11:26

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Visitor Comments (10)

How is the powerpoint accessed?

Posted by Hannah Quirk on Friday, 11.20.15 @ 20:17pm

I find the solar system very interesting.

Posted by Harley Zanon on Saturday, 01.31.15 @ 20:53pm

Hi- I am coaching middle school students for solar system Olympiad event, Is there any good material I refer to?
Any help is appreciated.

Posted by Venkat on Sunday, 12.14.14 @ 12:04pm

Is Planetary science part of Solar system event? Are there any links to rules for Solar systems event?

Posted by Venkat on Monday, 09.22.14 @ 11:43am

Donna, Your webinars on planetary science are very helpful for B Science Olympiad. The student wiki does not contain useful info to help the students prepare their sheets to take into the event since ice in the solar system is such a new event. Any suggestions on an outline for the material It is scattered through so many web sites. They are only allowed 2 sheets double sided. Thanks.

Posted by Ellen Finelli on Wednesday, 01.22.14 @ 11:20am

Solar system has a totally new scope this year, so previous tests will not be much help. There is a test posted for 2014 for Planetary Sciences scroll down

Posted by nanoirina on Friday, 11.8.13 @ 16:04pm

These Webinar's are an excellent resource. I am creating a test for the 2013 competition, and as a test writer I'd love to see a set for the current year. Any chance of seeing that? Thank you so much!

Posted by Conrad Schnakenberg on Sunday, 11.4.12 @ 18:25pm

Hi, Scott. You do not need to create anything. You can purchase the Coaches Manual on the CD-ROM and print out some of the past national events for your teams to practice with. The answer keys are included. The years 2006-2009 were focused on stellar evolution. The events are all constructed in a similar fashion. This of course only pertains to the Astronomy Event. It sounds like you are more involved than with just this one event - almost impossible to do if you have never even seen a Science Olympiad competition. Good luck!

Posted by Donna L Young on Wednesday, 02.15.12 @ 09:37am

There is an "event book" which is published by Science Olympiads for each of the events. You need to see that entry for "Astronomy: Type IA Supernova" and write a test strictly based on those event details.

Posted by Conrad Schnakenberg on Monday, 02.13.12 @ 18:15pm

I have been tagged to be the person who creates the tasks the students must complete in the Science Olympiad this year at our college. I have never participated in the SO nor observed the event. I have listened to the 11 part presentation here, but I am still not sure exactly what I need to create for the students. Any suggestions would be welcome.

Posted by Scott Miller on Friday, 02.10.12 @ 14:51pm

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