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Supplemental Image Set for Our Cosmic Connection & Stellar Cycles Image Sets

The Our Cosmic Connection and the Stellar Cycles image sets, with activities and supporting materials, have been posted on the Chandra website and presented at conferences for several years. Workshop participants have been requesting additional image sets to use in addition to or in combination with the existing sets over the past few years, and this supplemental set has been developed according to the feedback from the workshop participants.

If you are not familiar with the existing activities and card sets mentioned above, you should use them in the classroom first, as they have several versions (pencil/paper, flash, and webquest), answer keys, teacher guides, and supporting materials. The Our Cosmic Connection and Stellar Cycles materials are listed under the topic of Stellar Evolution at:

This supplemental image set contains objects that will work with both Our Cosmic Connection and Stellar Cycles. It is a beta set that will be used at conferences and workshops during the fall of 2013 and spring of 2014. During the summer of 2014, the feedback from educators about the supplemental card set will be used to develop new card sets for Our Cosmic Connection and Stellar Cycles. Some of the existing images from these two sets will be used, and some of the supplemental images will be added to each of the Our Cosmic Connection and Stellar Cycles card sets. At that time, the new card sets will be produced and educators will be able to order classroom sets on heavy card stock.

Until the new revised sets have been produced, the supplemental beta card set is only available as a download. If you elect to use any of the supplemental images with the Our Cosmic Connection and/or Stellar Cycles activities, please use the contact information below to give feedback and/or suggestions about the cards. If you have any preferences as to which images are of most value in any of the three card sets, or if there are objects or stellar evolutionary stages that you think are not good representations for your students please send your comments. When the new images sets have been developed and are available online, the teacher guides, card descriptions, possible answer keys, PowerPoint presentations and other supporting materials will be revised accordingly.

Please send your comments and suggestions to:
Donna L Young
Lead Educator Chandra X-Ray Center E/PO Office