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Chandra Images & Handouts CD v 1.1 Updates

Special Notes for v 1.1 Released 03/21/01

    Updates from 05/28/01
  • E0102-72 Scale correction: The E0102-72 images with scale bars were incorrect on the cd-rom. The scale bar graphic represented 1 arcmin, but it should actually be equal to 4.4 arcsec. To download correct versions of the E0102-72 images with scale bars, please visit the following pages:

    e0102 E0102-72 Composite

    e0102 E0102-72 Oxygen Ring

    e0102 E0102-72

  • Orion Trapezium Scale correction: In the text of the Orion Trapezium handout, the size of the Trapezium cluster should be described as being 3 light years across instead of 1.5 light years across. The press release for Orion Trapezium references a "radius" of 1.5 light years, so the diameter should be 3 light years. Download a corrected version of the Orion Trapezium handout in HTML or PDF

  • Updates from 04/02/01
  • Mac Issues: Please note, there was a batch of the v 1.1 cd that experienced replication errors and may crash while running on the Mac platform. This is regarding the Graphical User Interface (GUI) only; users can still access all the graphics/html files in the rest of the cd. If you have one of these bad copies, please let us know ( so we can send you out a new one. The PC side of the disk was not affected by the replication error.

    Updates from 03/24/01
  • Viewing the Readme File in Windows: The Readme file is best viewed with WordPad on PC's. (On Macs, SimpleText is recommended)

  • Addition to the Readme File: There are two quicktime movies in the Chandra Images & Handouts cd-rom. To view the quicktime files, you should have Quicktime, a free plug-in, installed on your computer. Please see our download center for help installing Quicktime.

    Evaluation Form