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Destination: X-ray Milky Way CD Evaluation

v1.0 January 2005

You have requested the Destination: X-ray Milky Way CD-ROM. After you have used the CD, we would appreciate your taking the time to fill out the following questionnaire. We will use your responses to refine our presentation and better serve target audiences in future CD's. Thank you.

NOTE: This form have been deactivated. Please e-mail your thoughts to

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Name: *
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Country: *
Type of organization:* Science Museum and Planetarium
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Planetarium alone
Planetarium attached to working observatory
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General public
School groups, field trips
Teacher training
Mainstream science classes (list subject, age level or grade: )
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Other (describe: )
Describe use or uses of CD:
Typical size of audience/users:
Estimate of monthly audience/users:
What material was most useful to you:
What material was least useful to you:
What additional material would you like to see included in future CD's:
Would you want to see any changes to the format?
Other Comments:

PRIVACY NOTE: All information is private. Information will be addressed to the Chandra EPO team only. We will not use your information for any commercial purposes and you will not end up on any junk lists because of your submission.