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Chandra Images & Handouts DVD

Version 1.0

X-rays Reveal the Universe: Join Chandra’s journey to probe cosmic phenomena from dark energy and dark matter to black holes and clusters of galaxies and nearly everything in between. This data DVD contains over 300 Chandra images that were posted to the Chandra web site from August 1999 through December 2007. Each image is accompanied by a short description, fast facts and many are available with flash zoom-in features. There is also a folder of Special Features (interactive flash pieces) and Chandra Podcasts (short audio/video content).


PC: Intel Pentium III 600MHz or higher, Windows 2000/XP or higher, a DVD-ROM drive and at least 64 MB of memory.

Mac: Power Macintosh G3 500 MHz or higher, Macintosh OS 10.2.6, 10.3, or 10.4+, a graphics card greater than ATI 9600, a DVD-ROM drive and at least 64 MB of memory.

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