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Waiting For The Wonder...

August 19, 1999 ::

OCC Action Room Chandra controller sending commands to open the Sunshade door.
Photo: CXC
While scheduled engineering evaluations continue on the Chandra X-ray Observatory, we will provide updated photos of some of the scientists and engineers as they work with the observatory.

NASA plans to unveil the first significant image and report on the observatory's early status at a news media briefing later this month.

View our "pictorial" of behind-the-scenes action

Things are going well at the Chandra operations center. Photo: CXC
OCC Action Room

A tense moment in the Action Room as Chandra is boosted toward its final orbit. Photo: CXC
OCC Action Room

Scientists locating a star field that will allow Chandra to point to a desired target. Photo: CXC
OCC Action Room

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