Pat Slane, a scientist at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, is a very busy guy. In addition to being the head of Chandra's Mission Planning group, he also conducts his own independent research into the study of supernova remnants and neutron stars (the aftermath of the massive stars that have exploded.) He also takes the time to participate in outreach, including heading up the "Stop for Science" project. Despite his hectic schedule, Pat sat down with the Chandra blog to discuss how he got where he is today in his career.

Carnival of Space

-Megan Waztke, CXC


Chandra you have shared a

Chandra you have shared a really amazing post and I really got it what you wanted to convey. Background is awesome!

What an amazing background

What an amazing background behind Pat Slane, I think it's real in this case...
Thank you for an amazing series. My oldest son who is about 15 is fascinated with astrophysics, will forward it to him.
I hope you will post more testimonials as they are truly inspiring.
Kind regards from Switzerland

Awesome Video. Thanks for

Awesome Video. Thanks for sharing this video with us. I appreciate you for uploading such an informative video.

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