NGC 1068

This is a composite image of NGC 1068, one of the nearest and brightest galaxies containing a rapidly growing supermassive black hole. X-ray data from the Chandra X-ray Observatory are shown in red, optical data from the Hubble Space Telescope in green and radio data from the Very Large Array in blue. The spiral structure of NGC 1068 is shown by the X-ray and optical data, and a jet powered by the central supermassive black hole is shown by the radio data.

The X-ray images and spectra obtained using Chandra's High Energy Transmission Grating Spectrometer show that a strong wind is being driven away from the center of NGC 1068 at a rate of about a million miles per hour. This wind is likely generated as surrounding gas is accelerated and heated as it swirls toward the black hole. A portion of the gas is pulled into the black hole, but some of it is blown away. High energy X-rays produced by the gas near the black hole heat the ouflowing gas, causing it to glow at lower X-ray energies.


Carnival of Space

-M. Watzke, CXC

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Very good

Can you tell me if there is a high resolution version? Thanks...


This X-ray image and spectra

This X-ray image and spectra is the perfect example for me while working on High Energy Transmission Grating Spectrometer in my research. Your explanation is helpful for me in my research work.

This is one of my favorite

This is one of my favorite topic to discuss upon. Since, black hole and it's activities are rarely known by people it definitely gets people, especially people involved in scientific sector excited and makes them want to learn more. The picture taken above is also totally amazing, I wonder what kind of scientific appliances do they use. I heard that they use different kinds of especially made cameras and satellites to actually capture the movement and the status of black holes as well as the solar system. Thanks for sharing us some vital information.

just beautiful! simply

just beautiful! simply amazing colors.

beautiful picture.

beautiful picture.

Mind Melting

This is by far the most interesting topic for me. I wish we really knew what black holes do, and where they lead to. I've always had a theory space is like a giant sandbox with a giant sheet of paper over it. What we're seeing is only the top layer. There's a hole different tale underneath.

It's a very beautiful

It's a very beautiful picture, can i donwload it or is there copyrights on it ?
Thanks a lot !


Well, I didn't know NGC 1068, but I think you give to this galaxy with this picture, all the beauty it deserves.
Awesome picture. Keep doing good pics like this one :)


A great moment of fun

Thank you for this fabulous picture. God that our galaxy is beautiful.
Thank you to the authors of this photo of us have shared this moment.

best regards

I really loved reading your

I really loved reading your blog. It was very well authored and easy to understand. Unlike additional blogs I have read which are really not good. I also found your posts very interesting. In fact after reading, I had to go show it to my friend and he enjoyed it as well!


What an awesome view. The more crazy thing is that i heard somewhere that this galaxy is a micro object compared to the overall universe. So for us humans, aren't we ants in a huge desert?



wow!! this is just great and awesome. The universe is just full of mystery and beauty.

This is so beautiful. I

This is so beautiful. I cannot wait to see more pictures like this one, you really have a nice job. I am looking forward to your future updates.


Nice picture

Very nice picture Chandra...

Jeevan Kishore

This is a wonderfull picture

It looks unreal, I wonder how you decide which color you attribute to which x-ray type. This is really beautiful. I cannot wait to see more pictures like this one, you really have a nice job.



In this image, X-rays are red, the optical data are green, and the radio data are blue. For more information on the colors assigned to multiwavelength images, please visit

K.Arcand, CXC


I loved this images, and they were very informative. I've always had some inquires as to how colors were assigned.

This is a beautiful picture

This is a beautiful picture goog job very nice post. thanks...

Great Blog

Hi This is a very nice picture.
Thanks for sharing.

I love your pics !

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Well, the BH in that galaxy

Well, the BH in that galaxy is certainly not in our own Milky Way. It's interesting what multi-wavelength studies produce, and it's really clear that BHs impact both galaxy structure and evoluton.
Thank you for these beautiful images, they will serve me for a course prepared students.

Mikloc Antoine

Image Use

Yes, you may - For specific information on image use please read:

Kim Arcand, CXC

Thanks a lot for your answer

Thanks a lot for your answer :)


This is a beautiful pic!

This is a beautiful pic!


truly beautiful

In my opinion pure optical wavelength picture is even better:

thanks for sharing,

great picture thanks google

Great picture, thanks.

Awesome Picture

That is one terrific pic. Looking at the picture it looks like a ball of fire explosion.

amazing picture

Does anyone else look at these and think it inconceivable that alien life does not exist in the universe?

yes very beautiful

Yes very beautiful picture.

yes great pics i.

yes great pics i must say...

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